Hi! I’m Nayan. I’m an R&B Singer/Songwriter…

My name means ‘Eyes’ in Hindi and I invite you to see through my music into my soul. I’m ruled by love. Passion drives my life. I write melodic R&B, Rock/Pop stuff that everyone can relate with. My music has raw, innocent, fun, intimate and flirtatious lyrics infused with fresh, dramatic, happy and nostalgic melodies which are very easy to sing along to.

My style is unique and unpredictable. Just like you!

I was born in India, where music as a profession was considered very unlikely. Not when you’re a teen living in a third world Country. But my heart was guided by my childhood heroes Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and the Beatles. Growing up I traversed the globe with my family from Spain to the UK, finally arriving in the city of Angels… And I found a home in the city of my dreams among the stars that had been once so distant.

I feel so blessed to be working on my EP with a Major Record Label Producer and I have never felt this good! My music is very therapeutic. It sends me on a high and enriches my soul. I have performed at major venues in LA, from House of Blues and the Conga Room to name a few. This is my calling and truest expression. Come sing with me my loves! Ya feel me?!