Upcoming Artist Nayan Raina Rises on iTunes

LOS ANGELES – Nayan Raina is an up and coming R&B Singer/Songwriter and his first hit DrNk TeXtIN has many in the industry talking about him.

Originally from India, Raina knew from a very early age he wanted to be in music. Breaking into the industry in his home country, however, is very difficult. He immigrated to Spain with his parents then the U.K. and finally to L.A. where he now makes his home and records his music.

“I knew I had to come to the City of Angels at some point if I were going to make my dreams a reality. I see a window of opportunity has opened up for me and now I am working my hardest to establish myself as a true Artist,” said Raina.

Raina has already played some of L.A.’s most famous venues, including The House of Blues and the Conga Room.. to name a few and has more lined up in the coming months.
Nayan’s music is a blend of the best of R&B with a twist of Pop/Rock and Poetic Rap. Along with his melodic range and easy to sing along lyrics, DrNk TeXtIN has the universal theme of lost love trying to connect with his ‘Bella’. He pours his heart out with his falsettos and you can feel the pain he’s going through. A smooth and mellow beat in the background brings the entire piece together.

“My name means “eyes” in Hindi. I like to think since the eyes are the windows to the soul, and as such, my music speaks to the souls of my fans,” said Raina in a recent interview.
First released in March 2015, DrNk TeXtIN debuted at #76, two spaces ahead of established Artist NE-YO. His meteoric rise was almost destined to happen.

“I reached #8 on iTunes. I am still trying to believe it,” said Raina.

“Come sing with me,” Raina said with a grin.

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