Buzzing R&B record ‘Butter’ By Nayan now on KISS FM Radio

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21 April, 2017 – Drawing thousands of views on YouTube and increasing blast on radio waves, ‘Butter’ is one of Nayan’s songs his ever increasing fan base are in love with. Its a sexual portrayal between a boy and a girl on their night out. The artist… a smooth lover that he is, puts his girl on a pedestal making her night special, making his lady love melt like… well… Butter!

The music video was choreographed by Snoop Dogg’s choreographer, Inny Inniesta, filmed by Eric Crespo (TV series Blue Lagoon, Underwater experts) and edited by Steve McClean (Kendrick Lamar, NeYo, Fifth Harmony) starring Yulia Lasmovich (GQ, MAXIM) and cross fit Model Christina Riordan.. take this video up a few notches and make it shine.
Indian born American singer/songwriter Nayan collaborated with major label record producer John Ho (Frank Ocean, Cassie, Mya, Natalie LaRose and FloRida) and created this beauty on the go as they were kicking back in the studio.

“I try to tell a story with my music… its my gut feel. I’m the voice of an everyday person just trying to send a message of love and light and having a blast while doing it.. especially now since the world is in so much chaos, cuz personally… I never take life too seriously… its too short and you only live once…” says Nayan.