Former America’s Got Talent Contestant Nayan Raina Launches His New Music Video ‘DrNk TeXtIn’

Nayan Raina,a Singer and Songwriter,lives in Los Angeles loves to perform and entertain everyone through musical compilation ‘DrNk TeXtIn’.


Nayan Raina, an R&B Singer/Songwriter has opened up his heart and soul in the musical compilation ‘DrNk TeXtIn’ which was released on 9/15 on his VEVO Channel, NayanVEVO.

This Music Video is Directed by Nayan Raina and Director Damien Sandoval, whose credits include PIA MIA, BOBBY BRACKENS, THE DREAM, ZENDAYA and PARIS HILTON to name a few. America’s Got Talent Contestant, Nayan is featured in the span of the music video, as BEN and his love interest BELLA, a French Spanish Ballerina, played by playboy playmate Super model Alana Campos.

The beautifully narrated story of the two lovers is depicted in the album with the intricacy of the pain, as BEN keeps drinking his heart out and texting BELLA. Set in South of France and LA, this timeless record… a love tale shows Ben madly in love and drunk thinking about Bella, his lady love. He sings his heart out and his soulful voice melts hearts in this visual epic.

The man behind this video, NAYAN RAINA shares,

‘I wrote this song because it relates to all of us — how sometimes we go on a texting spree to the ones we truly love when we’re just a little drunk. There’s no filter cuz the real feelings come out.” He continues, “I wanted to make the single available as a free download on SoundCloud as well so that my fans could also be inspired to do more with the song creatively – whether it be karaoke or even remix it for their personal enjoyment.”

About the Artist:

Nayan Raina is a Singer and Songwriter living in Los Angeles. He’s fluent in Spanish, English and Hindi. Raina has always loved to perform and entertain everyone ever since he was a little boy. He has won numerous awards during his school years, worked on set with major celebrities including the likes of Albert Brooks, Lindsay Lohan, Lorenzo Lamas and Sally Kirkland. As a multi-talented Singer/ Songwriter/Recording Artist, Raina has dazzled celebrity judges Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan on NBC network’s TV show ‘America’s Got Talent’ during his on-air performance. He is currently working on his EP with major label record producer John Ho to be out sometime within 2015.

About ’DrNk TeXtIn’

First released in March, 2015 on iTunes, DrNk TeXtIn debuted at #76, a tad ahead of Famous R&B Artist NE-YO song The Music Video for ‘DrNk TeXtIn’ can be seen here

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